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DIY Pack of FloodBags
This DIY Pack of FloodBags contains 5 SAF Bags Lightweight and easy to handle before activation ..
Home Owner Case 30 Bags
Home Owner Case contains 6 DIY Packs each with 5 FloodBags (30 FloodBags in Total) ..
Koshin Ponstar PB55022 Pump Submersible Water Drainage Pump 230v
The original Ponstar Pump 2" outlet. Heavy duty construction and strong in performance. Capacitor st..
Koshin Ponstar PXL 52522 Pump, Submersible Residue Water Drainage Pump 230v.
The Koshin Ponstar PXL Residue Water Drainage Pump or Puddle Sucker, 230v is suitable for clean wate..
Pallet 480 Bags (16 Boxes = 480 FloodBags)
Pallet of FloodBags containing 16 Boxes - 480 Bags ..
£2,217.60 £2,217.60
Test Product
Test Product ..