The FloodBag

Maynard Technolgies use specially designed super absorbent technical textiles to produce FloodBags, these modern day equivalent Sandbags no longer requires Sand,making them easier to handle, store and place in position to help hold back rising flood waters.  

FloodBags are an innovative, low-cost alternative rapid-reaction Flood Defence product to the 'traditional' sandbags that are heavy and bulky, difficult to transport and require considerable manpower to deploy.  

How To Buy

Protect your property

FloodBags are typically supplied either in a plastic pack containing 5 bagsor alternatively in a box containing 30 bags, giving a long shelf life of six or more years. Please contact us for larger pallet-load consignments that can also be supplied as bulk order requirements for Local Authorities, Fire Brigades and the Emergency Services and to the Armed Forces, as well as to resellers and distributors globally, so if you require an amount not listed here on our website please contact us.

What is different about FloodBags

Super Absorbent Fibre (SAF)

The nonwoven polypropylene hydrophylic outer contains our unique Bio-degradable Super Absorbent Fibre (SAF), that is simply Water Activated. This special fibre provides superior absorption and structure within the bag. Absorbent Fibre (SAF) which absorbs water to 90% capacity in just 3 minutes. Once the water is within the bag, it stays there and the bags perform just like conventional sandbags but are easier and quicker to deploy.

Effective Flood Prevention

Easy to Use for Rapid Deployment

The advantages that this newest form of Flood-Defence System offers in terms of storage, deployment, life cycle and ease of use has already been widely recognised by the emergency services, armed services, local authorities, water utilities, businesses and households; particularly as they allow for much faster deployment, due to them being light weight and easier to handle.

Flood Prevention has never been easier

Using Water Blocking Technology, we have developed a fast acting alternative to the traditional sandbag.

Our standard FloodBags weigh around 300 grams when dry, yet when immersed in water they can absorb up to 20 litres within 3 minutes, making them the fastest performing product on the market.

Using Super Absorbent Polymer technology, these Bags can be easily and rapidly deployed when floods threaten, diverting water flow and saving precious minutes.

FloodBags are an innovative, low-cost alternative to the traditional Sandbag used for Flood Defence. 

About the Floodbag

Watch the video to see how quickly the bag takes shape

To use the FloodBags, simply remove them from their protective plastic bag – immerse the bags in water, the SAF rapidly absorbs the water, swelling in just 3 minutes to a typical sand bag size weighing up to 20 Kgs. The FloodBags are then able to be deployed building defensive barriers or water deflectors.

The Super Absorbent Fibre inside our bags can be easily disposed of in normal landfill or alternatively the content can be dug into the garden to improve water retention.

Unlike most other sandbag/flood defence product suppliers, we pride ourselves in that all our FloodBags are manufactured here in the UK and are generally available ex-stock from our warehouses, to satisfy market requirements in terms of quick delivery so as to respond to immediate demand during times of flooding.